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"We provide strategic business technology solutions"

"I always look forward to a new challenge, and with so much great new technology out there the possibilities are endless."
Alan Vigus
Strategic Business Technology, JV Consultants
"I firmly believe ICT must support the business to deliver solutions that benefits both customers and the company."
David Jarrel
Strategic Business Technology, JV Consultants

HEAlth check your infrastructure

At JV Consultants we have devised our own methodology for assessing the maturity of infrastructure and services, and believe this should be the baseline for any new development so you can accurately measure progress and success

optimise your current investments

Many of the difficulties experienced with legacy IT systems are related to policy, governance and performance management, so we endeavour to optimise your systems in order to maximise the benefits of your technology investments

develop your strategic plan

Strategic design and planning are at the heart of any business development, and we can work with you through the formal discovery processes such as business analytics and options appraisal to help you make the right choices about your future

design and support your programme

Too often organisations experience disappointment with new IT installations, and this is always a failure of process, so we use a highly structured programme management methodology to deliver the best outcomes for you and your customers

ICT Business Statistics from Leading Industry Research Groups​

0 %
Corporate projects that fail to deliver expected benefits and have a budget runover
0 %
CIOs who believe their current ICT Strategy is inadequate for it's intended purpose
0 %
Organisations that have largely unstructured information silos and no information service
0 %
Primary business systems which are out of date, obsolete, or simply not fit for purpose

Examples of our previous work

Multi-Service Merger

Led a major ICT service assessment and redesign as part of a corporate merger, successfully integrating two support departments, whilst adding new functions and minimising the impact on critical operations

Strategic Sytems Design

Designed a highly adaptable interoperability platform, combining previously independent clinical information systems, and creating a common interface through a web portal for staff, patients and third parties

New Technologies

ICT lead on the introduction of a new technology programme, providing service delivery partners access to data previously unavailable to them, process redesign, and transfer of user administration

Service Improvement Plan

Acted as Client Manager working with specialists from other teams and suppliers to create and design solutions that delivered service improvements in desktop support and project management governance

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