About Us

David Jarrel

David is an experienced professional ICT manager who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, specifically in ICT strategy, and service delivery within enterprise organisations. This is supported by an MBA in Technology Management, and Membership of the British Computer Society. His ethos is to understand the business requirement and deliver the correct technological solution for the organisation. David’s dissertation for his MBA was titled ‘The Benefits of ICT: Meeting the Business Needs of a County Council Department’. In addition to his MBA David also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Education) and a Certificate in Management Studies.

David’s career started in the private sector as a field engineer, his various appointments included Service Desk Manager, and Logistics Manager. He was also a mentor for 15 apprentices overseeing their career development and providing training and technical support. Moving to the public sector, David held various senior appointments including managing the team that supported ICT systems in schools and working with Social Services and Education teams to ensure they had the ICT systems that met their business needs.

For organisations that do a lot of partnership or multi agency working David has extensive experience in this field. He has worked with County and District Councils, NHS, Police and the voluntary sector to deliver partnership and multi-agency projects and solutions covering a wide range of services and business support models.

Alan Vigus

Alan’s career started as a clinical systems specialist, following an early career as a registered mental health nurse, with duties including functional systems design, business analysis, training and education, as well as a range of technical responsibilities such as network management.

Since then he has worked in various roles as an ICT professional for nearly 30 years, and is an accomplished senior manager having spent most of his career as Head of ICT Services for mental health NHS trusts across the east of England, managing multi-disciplinary teams in excess of 30 people, as well as being responsible for running various programmes of work that were transformational in scale and reach, with multi-million pound budgets. More recently he has worked in Local Government supporting project development and delivery, providing specialist information services and authoring a new 5-year ICT strategy.

Alan is highly adaptable, and a naturally creative person; an innovator who is motivated to addressing business needs with imagination and originality whilst continuously striving to deliver optimum value and the best possible outcomes. He has made a positive difference to the way mental healthcare is delivered by redefining and delivering several clinical information systems, business support systems and technology infrastructure changes. He also has an intelligent approach to work, can quickly assess any situation, and respond effectively with diligence and integrity. He is a proficient communicator with a relaxed manner and authoritative style, who can readily establish rapport with people from all professional backgrounds.