Need support with your ICT Service?

JV Consultants are here to help…

"We are specialists in Strategic Business Technology Solutions"

With years of experience in senior management positions providing a full range of ICT services to the public sector, JV Consultants can help you refocus on your strategic developments, meet your corporate objectives, solve major problems, fulfil your ambitions to improve your business and keep pace with customer demand and maintain a competitive edge. If you want to know more about our services and how we can help then please get in touch and we’ll be delighted to discuss your requirements.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

High Quality Services

Reliable and Affordable

We are experienced IT professionals who have been delivering and managing IT services for many years…


Understand your organisation's goals, agree priority objectives, identify the desired business outcome


Gather business intelligence, analyse results, perform gap analysis, develop and identify potential solutions


Solutions design, decision support, implementation planning, quality, cost and benefits management

ICT Business Statistics from Leading Industry Research Groups

0 %
Corporate projects that fail to deliver expected benefits and have a budget runover
0 %
CIOs who believe their current ICT Strategy is inadequate for it's intended purpose
0 %
Organisations that have largely unstructured information silos and no information service
0 %
Primary business systems which are out of date, obsolete, or simply not fit for purpose

If any of these apply to you then you’re not alone, and JV Consultants can help you develop solutions specific to your needs

Our Operating Principles, We...

1 …are dedicated to achieving your business needs
2 …always operate as independent consultants
3 …are focussed on your business needs and requirements

4 …always work collaboratively with all your stakeholders
5 …exploit your information for an evidence-based approach
6 …deliver outcome-based business solutions