Basic Infrastructure Maturity Model

Try a Self-Assessment

There are 20 questions in the table below, and each one has a helpful answer guide if you hover over the questions. Simply enter your chosen value between 1 and 5 in the ‘Score’ column, and you will see an average score for each section at the bottom of the table and two graphs will follow that visualise your scores for a quick and easy view of your self-assessment. There is an infrastructure maturity schematic beneath the graphs which will give you an indication of your current maturity level. For a full analysis there is a lot more work to be done and we would be happy to come and assist you in establishing your BIMM baseline.

Your Self-Assessment Score against the Maximum Achievable

Your Self-Assessment Summary Scores for Each Section

Scoring less than 3 for any section is an indication that you are not getting the best from your ICT infrastructure, scoring 3 or more means you’re doing well and you should be satisfied that you’re getting good value from your infrastructure, though you may want to drive out further benefits in the future.

IMM Evolution