Our ‘Four Journeys’ to Service Improvement and Business Transformation

“At JV Consultants we provide four main areas of support to help you keep the IT elements of your business in a healthy state and delivering your business needs”

ICT assessments, improvements, developments and implementations are managed in an ever repeating cycle of activity. Each element can be the focus of attention at any given time to meet the needs of a given business priority, or they can be adressed in their entirety as a more holistic approach to your infrastructure and services. Which ever journey you choose, it is good practice to consider it in the context of the wider journey that is all 4 elements together, because there is an intrinsic interdependency between them all.

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"JV Consultants can take you on any of these journeys, as separate pieces of work or as a cohesive whole from start to end, helping you deliver business improvements and greater customer satisfaction"

Infrastructure Maturity Modelling is a core part of our service as it forms the foundational position from which all other activity can be developed effectively, and it is a dynamic process that you can use to monitor the ongoing capability of your own infrastructure and services into the future. We provide a high level rating for the 12 elements of your service, but each of the 120 elements will have it’s own detail and summary so that you can focus on particular aspects as part of an exisiting service development plan or a new project if that suits your needs.

If your ICT function is not performing as well as you would like, scoring less than 3 on our maturity scale (See above), then we can perform a full service review using industry standard business analysis methodologies to determine whether the issue is embedded in the service or within those closely related to the service across your wider organisation. This can often result in the need for service redesign, but at JV Consultants we take a very positive approach to this and endeavour to make it a rewarding experience for everybody involved.

Your ICT infrastructure may well be one of the biggest investments for your business, and it continues to demand more investment year on year as systems get outdated and need replacing. The window of opportunity for maximising the value of your investments is quite small, so it’s important to get your ICT service management right first time. If things aren’t well structured and working smoothly then that will have a negative impact on your customers, so we can help to identify areas of concern and offer a course or remedial action to get you back on track.

The business journey is an arduous one, and is often where the true benefits of your digital technologies are lost. Nothing stands still within your technology environment, hardware must be managed, software must be updated, security patches must be applied, functionality must reflect your business processes, governenance muct be adhered to rigorously and continuously reassessed, people must be trained and services need a stream of feedback to know they’re getting the job done right. At JV Consultants we can review and help redefine your operational capabilities. 

A typical ICT Strategy has a 3 to 5 year lifespan, and is much more than just a document, it is a blueprint for your business development, it is a vehicle for delivering positive change and realising business ambition through technological advancement. The strategic journey begins with some thorough business analysis, engaging with key stakeholders and getting a sense of where your business is heading. Followed by an apparaisal of every infrastructure component, and market research to identify options and suppliers. The drafting process is then a series of ongoing iterations that are thoroughly discussed with key stakeholders until the final product is completed. 

Information and Business Intelligence are key features of any strategic plan, it is required for initial analysis, monitoring of progress as new systems and functions are implemented, and it is also one of the final and most valuable outputs, underpinning your daily business activity as well as the ongoing business development process. Having good business intelligence, means you never get caught out, and can maintain a progressive edge for yourselves and your customers.

Change is now a way of life for all organisations, and so learning how to manage change effectively is a critical capability that all organisations need to develop in order to be successful, particularly when delivering large scale transformations. At JV Consultants we use the MSP and Prince2 industry standards as our primary means of delivery, but we can also adapt to your own in-house methodologies because the principles of good programme and project management are at our core. 

As part of the standard Programme Journey we incorporate our Technology Solutions Development where you have an identified need for the introduction of a new business capability that is driven by, or supported by a new technology installation into your business. Successful delivery and business integration is a complex affair, so the approach we take mimics the strategic development process, minimising risk and maximising the new potential, and is delivered using our rigorous programme approach to ensure that every aspect is carefully managed.

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